Welcome to UBC Geological Engineering - Where geology and engineering design meet.
Slope monitoring radar experiment at Highland Valley Copper Mine, working to improve early warning capabilities.
Fieldwork is a strong part of what we do and teach, in combination with sophisticated computer analyses.
Antamina Waste Rock study - Research to improve prediction of the quantity and quality of drainage from mine waste rock.
New state-of-the-art debris flow barrier designed to protect Whistler Village, aided by UBC Geological Engineering research.


What is Geological Engineering? It is an interdisciplinary field, which combines principles of geology, geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology, together with other fields (e.g. mining, geography, geophysics) to provide a versatile set of skills needed to solve a wide range of practical problems related to societal interactions with the earth environment. UBC's Geological Engineering program is a fully accredited engineering program that is highly regarded and internationally renowned for both its undergraduate teaching and graduate research.

Welcome Prospective Students

Our bachelor of Applied Science in Geological Engineering provides students with a solid broad background in science and engineering. A thorough foundation in geology and engineering mechanics, and sufficient depth and breadth in the areas of earth & environmental sciences, economics, mathematics and social science will ensure that you will be able to communicate in an effective and responsible manner in helping meet the needs of society.